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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Dental Cleaning

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Dental Cleaning

Your dog's dental care is a hugely important aspect of not only their oral health, but their general health and well-being too. Unfortunately, many dogs don't get the dental health care that they need. Here, our Gilbert veterinary team walks you through 5 reasons your dog may need and benefit from professional dental care.

Just like in humans, our dogs' overall health is closely connected to their oral health in a number of important ways. Unfortunately, periodontal disease, tooth loss and tooth decay can be quite common in our canine companion. 

Oral health issues experienced by your dog can have significant and serious consequences in the long term for your dog. Here are 5 reasons why dog dental care is so important. 

Allows Your Dog To Eat Properly and Get Their Nutrition

When your dog is showing signs of oral health issues, this will often reveal itself as discomfort or pain in their mouth. 

When our dogs feel unwell, they will often intentionally fast. When it's their mouth that is hurting, this instinct is only heightened. 

If your dog is experiencing oral health issues, you may notice they eat slowly or don't finish their food at all. They also won't be able to enjoy treats like bones or chews, missing out on good nutrition and stimulation.

Diligent dental care and vet dental cleanings will help make sure your dog is able to enjoy their favorite foods and treats throughout their life.

Preventing Oral Pain

Dental diseases like periodontal disease, tooth decay and others can be quite painful for your pup when they are in advanced stages. 

This pain can impact every part of their lives (as you might know if you've ever experienced a toothache). It affects their behavior, demeanor and their ability to enjoy life. 

Diligent dental care, both at home and professionally at your vet office, are the keys to preventing this unnecessary pain in your beloved canine companion. 

Preventing Bad Breath or Unpleasant Odors

If the smell of your dog's breath causes you to plug your nose, pull away to apologize to friends who have come to visit, it's probably a sign they could use some dental attention. 

With a healthy mouth and consistent dental care, bad breath won't be a problem for your pup and you can get all the kisses you want (without having to bear the smell).

Preventing Organ Damage

Even when oral health issues aren't apparent in your pup, or if you have identified and treated them, there are long-lasting and invisible consequences for their long-term health. 

The bacteria in your pupu's plaque is capable of spreading throughout their body through their blood when their buildup becomes serious enough. There is a proven connection between dental health issues and a wide range of diseases affecting dogs' internal organs. 

Routine dental care is your best bet to not only keep your pet's oral health in tip-top shape, but to prevent it from impacting their health in other ways too. 

Prevent Expensive Treatments Down The Road

Routine dental care, whether that be at-home brushing of your dog's teeth or bringing them in for professional cleanings to your veterinarian, can help your pocketbook in the long run. Oral health problems, including infection or disease are expensive to manage and treat in addition to making your pup feel unwell and uncomfortable. 

Investing the time into brushing your dog's teeth, buying them veterinarian-recommended dental chews to encourage their oral hygiene and taking them in for professional veterinary dental cleanings will help prevent unexpected expenses down the road, and ensure your pup remains healthy, happy and energetic throughout their life.

Are you unsure if your dog is receiving dental health care and at-home hygiene to the level that they need? Our veterinary team at Crossroads Veterinary Hospital is happy to give you advice and guidance on how to get your dog's oral health comfortably back on track. Contact us today

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